1st scaling up

Project overview:

Goal: Reduction of maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity through implementation of quality assurance in obstetrics (Rotary area of focus 'Maternaland Child Health') in 20 selected hospitals.

Overall goal: Improvement of maternal and newborn health in Nigeria.

Measures: Intensification and upgrading of quality assurance in obstetrics in the selected hospitals in Kano State and in Kaduna State, as well as scaling up of the model to five rural hospitals in FCT Abuja and five hospitals in Ondo State, including the provision of necessary equipment and infrastructure. In detail:

  • statistical data collection in all selected hospitals
  • Conducting meetings for results analysis ("Review Meetings") for the exchange of experiences and know-how among the doctors and midwives involved, benchmarking and elimination of deficits
  • Informing the population about sexual and reproductive health and rights through village gatherings ("Community Dialogues")

Target group: Approx. 64.000 pregnant and childbearing women, who seek care in the 20 selected hospitals in the states of Kano, Kaduna, FCT Abuja und Ondo during the project term. Indirect target group is a population of five million within the catchment area of the hospitals.

Project area: Kano State, Kaduna State, FCT Abuja, Ondo State (list of hospitals / maps)

Project duration: 11/01/2012 – 10/31/2014