HOW is project progress monitored?

When organisations apply for grants from authorities and NGOs, a number of assessment tools are implemented to monitor the progress of the project. This methodology also applies to the project “Maternal Health Care in Northern Nigeria ”.

On the Nigerian side, medical doctor Dr. Kola Owoka, Past-Governor of the Rotary International district 9125 is the national chairman of the project. Accountant and member of the project staff is Kalu Okwara. Chartered Accountant of the project is the independent certified accountant David Olaleye, AGBO, ABEL & CO, Nexia International, Chartered Accountants, Kaduna, Nigeria.

On the German and Austrian side Primary Contact to the Rotary Foundation is Dr. Manfred Gruhl
Liaison to co-funder BMZ (German Government) is Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Künzel, Liasion to AVENTIS FOUNDATION is Prof. Dr. Robert Zinser.

Project monitoring occurs on several levels:

  • Monthly reports of the project staff (field officers and project assistants). These reports are consolidated for the Nigerian and the German/Austrian team members of Rotary.
  • Bimonthly visits by the project staff
  • Quarterly audit of all invoices by the German Project Team and a Chartered Accountant
  • Onsite checks by members of the German and Austrian Project Team
  • Consulting and leadership by the German/Austrian/Nigerian Project Coordinator