Sponsors & Funding

Funding of the project “Maternal Health Care in Northern Nigeria ” which amounts to 1,000,000 Euro is based on several pillars: Key funding contributors are up to 100 hundred German and Austrian Rotary, Rotaract and Inner Wheel clubs. Also the German and Austrian sections of the Rotarian Action Group for Population Growth & Sustainable Development (RFPD) contributed. The Rotary Foundation gave a matching grant of € 300.000. The AVENTIS FOUNDATION has generously supported the project with an amount of 300,000 Euro as well as the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ).

These are the key budget items of the project “Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality - Prevention and Treatment of Obstetric Fistula in Northern Nigeria”:

Investments for equipment, enlightenment tools, etc., 167,000 Euro

Expenditures for information, enlightenment, training and surgery, 707,000 Euro

Human Resources cost, 31,000 Euro

Project surveillance and controlling cost, 9,000 Euro

Project evaluation cost, 15,000 Euro

Reserve (3.5 %) and administrative expenditures, 71,000 Euro

Cost distribution by periods:

2005: 50,000 Euro
2006: 390,000 Euro
2007: 285,000 Euro
2008: 175,000 Euro
2009: 100.000 Euro