2014 RI Convention, Sydney

RFPD breakout session on sustainable Rotary projects in MCH

Robert Zinser: Sustainable Global Grant Projects in the area of 'Maternal and Child Health' [1.194 KB]

2013 RI Convention, Lisbon

RFPD breakout session on 'Maternal and Child Health':

Robert Zinser: Replication of a comprehensive approach to reduce maternal and newborn mortality [1.576 KB]

Rotary Global Peace Forum 2012, Berlin

Selection of Presentations:

2009 - Robert Zinser: Presentation at the RI-UN-Day 11-07-2009 [797 KB]

2009 - Breakout Session "Rotary Projects - Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality" at the Rotary International Convention [232 KB]

Robert Zinser: Our comprehensive Approach and single Interventions - Overview [917 KB]

Kola Owoka: The Fistula Story - How to organize the Implementation of the Project [145 KB]

Zainab Pawa: Community Dialogue, A Key to Behavioural Change [694 KB]

Hadiza Galadanci: A Model to Reducue Maternal and Fetal Mortality by Quality Assurance [1.954 KB]

2009 - Breakout Session "Promotion of Child Health by PMTCT of AIDS" at the Rotary International Convention:

Robert Zinser: Introduction [223 KB]

Zainab Pawa: Rotary's PMTCT Project in Nigeria using the 'Donation-Program' [194 KB]

Hadiza Galadanci: Promotion of Child Health by PMTCT [156 KB]

Michael Rabbow: PMTCT Donation Program of Boehringer [256 KB]

Brian Reid: Testing of HIV oral RAPID test from OraSure [1.219 KB]

2008 - F. Songane, WHO/The Partnership for Maternal + Newborn Health: What Rotarians Can Do to Adress Child and Maternal Health [446 KB]

2008 - Wolfgang Künzel: Presentation of Project at the 'International WHO-Stillbirth Conference' in Oslo [1.346 KB]

2007 - Members of Project Team: Improvement of Maternal Health in Northern Nigeria Comprehensive Approach [2.086 KB]

2007 - Oliver Neumann, RC Ludwigshafen-Rheinschanze: Improvement of Maternal Health in Northern Nigeria [2.964 KB]

2007 - Kola Owoka: Rotary FISTULA Project [251 KB]